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"Art was a last, desperate attempt for me to be able to exist in the world after trying very hard not to exist in the world"- Kirsha Kaechele

I don’t know what came over me to create this but it turned out quite well (except for the fact that the original art found in my sketchbook is far more better than this. GOSH)

I created a headcanon that If ever Jamie became a Guardian (he would be a Guardian of Belief, I know; I’m not the first one who created THAT idea) he would be, at first, ecstatic and shocked that he became a Guardian because not only would he be able to be with the other Guardians he so idolized and believed in all his life, he could be able to be with Jack (you can think of this as a friendly or romantic gesture) but as the years go by, he starts to looses his excitement over the fact (but he’s still shocked and awe-struck that he gets to work with them all) that he’s a guardian.

He would switch moods like from happy to sad or fan-boying to terribly quiet because of the weight of his responsibilities. plus, he’s still a newbie guardian (he has to take good care of, not only the children’s belief but also the belief of everyone on earth because it’s what makes him alive.) and even if people has a lot of belief in them, they can’t see him (even the other guardians are confused and troubled because of it)

It also didn’t help that he has to defend the children (and the troubled people) from nightmares still roaming around the world and also trying to  avoid ever meeting Pitch again (Light and Darkness are two opposing forces. If’s he isn’t careful, the darkness might take over him especially since he isn’t that capable enough to defend himself from Pitch. Although he is more powerful than Pitch if in terms of experience, Pitch is more experience that him thus he is able to control his powers well but he has training. A lot of training.

Another reason of his slight mood swings are due to the fact that he can’t ALWAYS save people and protect them from doing something rash especially the people who are too traumatized and plagued by their personal nightmares. And it hurts him. 

Also because he misses his family. Of course, Jack notices these emotional turmoil and tries to always find time to talk with Jamie so he could keep him company (and there’s nothing much for him to do anyway in North’s lair during spring, summer and fall)

This art is not the best (more like this scanning is not the best because the original was far better that this) though but I hope you like it.